Glistening Productions was launched with venture capital funding in 2018 to create modern, innovative and sparkling film, TV and streaming content following the acquisition of UK production company Turn On Television..

The company has production bases in Los Angeles, California and Manchester, England and serves the US, UK and international markets.


Angela Smith

Creative Director

Angela oversees both the US and UK operations. She has amassed more than 25 years in content creation, working as Executive Producer, Creator, Producer, Director and Showrunner in the UK, US and Ireland, including 14 years as the CEO of Turn On Television where she Executive Produced and created more than 30 productions for the UK and international markets.

Turn On Television along with its catalogue and development slate has now been acquired by Glistening Productions and Angela will continue to oversee all aspects of production and development both in the scripted and unscripted areas.

Her thousands of hours of unscripted content have appeared on Netflix, CBS, Channel 4, Channel 5, ITV1, ITV2, Granada, Discovery, Discovery Health, Animal Planet, Crime and Investigation Network and Nick Jr and she has been nominated for five Royal Television Society Awards.

She recently worked with Ricki Lake on the highly acclaimed feature documentary Weed the People, which had a theatrical release and is now on Netflix.

She has overseen the development of Glistening’s scripted slate and the company has six feature films in development, the first of which is already fully funded and will shoot in France in Spring 2020.

Phil Parsons

Head of Unscripted Production and Development

Now based in Los Angeles, Phil Parsons is one of the UK’s leading Executive Producers/Showrunners in Format Entertainment/Reality TV. He moved to LA in 2015 to work with Mike Darnell and Mark Burnett developing and launching ABC’s ground-breaking 500 Questions primetime event – which has now completed two seasons. He co-created and was Executive Producer on NBC’s primetime show Genius Junior, starring Neal Patrick Harris and co-created and sold Mental Samuraistarring Rob Lowe on Fox.

He has won BAFTARoyal Television Society, and Rose D’Or (formerly the Montreux TV Festival) awards having produced some of the UK’s most iconic shows including The Big BreakfastStrictly Come Dancing (Dancing With The Stars), Mastermind,  A Question of SportThe Weakest Link and the Eurovision Song Contest (the most watched non-sporting event in the world). Phil has worked with some of the biggest names in the business including Beyoncé (who bit his hand) and he’s highly accomplished at developing and producing large-scale entertainment hits for the major UK broadcasters and US networks.

Nancy Ephron

Head of Scripted Production and Development

Nancy is a film industry veteran, having worked as Director of Development and Acquisitions at New Line Cinema, both in New York and Los Angeles, VP of Production and Development at Cineville in Los Angeles and running the Story/Script department at Cinecom in New York. She has also worked at the Independent Feature Project in New York and was Associate Producer on “We Thinking the World of You” in London, which was distributed by Fine Line. She has been script consultant for a wide range of companies including Disney, United Artists, Miramax, Focus Films and William Morris Endeavor.

As a screenwriter, Nancy’s projects have included co-writing a script for Francis Ford Coppola’s American Zoetrope.

Terrance Holloway

Development Producer

Terrance Holloway was born and raised in the Crenshaw District of Los Angeles. He started working as a barber at the age of 16 then soon after became a roadie, working for multiple artists such as 2 pac and Ice T’s group Raw Breed. He then became a recording artist and producer working with some of the biggest names in west coast rap such as Xzibit, Ice Cube, Sir Jinx and Snoop Dog.

He then moved into film, after befriending John Singleton who would go on to be his mentor. He worked along side John on Baby Boy, Fast and Furious and Hustle and Flow. He then moved into making his own documentaries and films and produced, wrote and directed a series of shorts which have been dubbed “Hood Classics”, such as “Leimert Park” and “Proposal Day”. Terrance brings a passion for moving pictures to the Glistening development team.


Turn On TV credits 1999 to present:

Link to Turn On TV website

Conmen Case Files Season 3: 5 x one hours (Crime & Inv Network and Netflix)
Conmen Case Files Season 2: 6 x one hours (Crime & Inv Network)
Conmen Case Files Season 1: 4 x one hours (Crime & Inv Network)
When Love Turns Lethal: 1 x half hour (Crime & Inv Network)
Pet Passport: 20 x half hours (Animal Planet)
Inside Criminal Minds – Conmen: 4 x one hours (ITV)
Baby’s Birth Day: 20 x half hours (Living TV)
Unlikely Lovers: 6 x one hours (ITV2)
A Different Life: 5 x half hours (FIVE)
Costa Del Cabaret: 6 x half hours (Granada)
My House: 20 x 5 mins (Nick Jnr)
The Real Coronation Street Season 2: 4 x half hours (Granada)
Celebrity Exposed – Viva La Diva: 6 x half hours (ITV2)
Turn On Terry: 28 x half hours (ITV1)
Forensics School: 5 x half hours (The Discovery Channel)
The Real Coronation Street: 4 x half hours (Granada)
Forensics School: 6 x half hours (Granada)
Special Delivery: 10 x half hours (ITV1)
Tourist Police: 6 x half hours (Channel 4)
The Gym: 15 x half hours (The Discovery Health Channel)
Midwives: 15 x half hours (The Discovery Health Channel)
Special Delivery (Granada Version): 10 x half hours (Granada TV)
When I Grow Up: 40 x 8 mins (Channel 5)
Blood Feud: 1 x one hour (Channel 5)
Passport to Passion: 6 x half hours (Channel 4)
Bangkok Beats: 10 x half hours (Channel 4)
Tranny School: 1 x one hour (Channel 5)
Post Modern Pastimes: 20 x 10 mins (Channel 4)
Bangkok Bound: 6 x half hours (Channel 4)

Click here for pre-1999 credits


The company has a robust unscripted development slate, reflecting Turn On TV’s success in creating innovative and ground-breaking content in the areas of formats, reality, documentary, crime, children’s, comedy, music and entertainment programing.

The scripted division has six projects in development:

GOAT VILLAGE – written by Jeff Tetreault (“Bad Johnson”)
A darkly comic movie with a romantic twist set in the bowels of the French countryside.

CANNABIS CANCER KID – written by Jeff Tetreault with Chico Ryder
Based on the light-hearted book written by the now 16 year old Chico Ryder about his battle with cancer.

VERA’S VACATION – written by Betty Mae Ryder
Three generations of women take the trip of a lifetime in a bid to cure grandma.

MANIC FACTORY – written by John Warburton, with script consultants Paul Ryder and Gary Whelan from Happy Mondays.
The story of a band who reform after 25 years.

HOLYHEAD EXPRESS – written by Anita Pandolfo with Angela Smith
Two girls set off on a mission to track down a lost holiday romance.

ACCIDENTALLY MILF – written by Jeff Tetreault and Angela Smith
A romantic comedy about the online dating exploits of an older woman.


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